Michael Shumate is the Grand Poobah

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Love Dice - acrylic illustration
Logo for Imprint of Boheme Publishing
Currency Montage - acryic and Photoshop
Identity for Business Conference
Detail from interior mural - latex paint
Millennial Goals logos for LDS Church
Triceratops - Gel Pen
Kingston Arts Council Identity
Murray River at the turn of the Century - outdoor mural in enamel
Contact A. Michael Shumate, a.k.a. the Grand Poobah
  Michael Shumate likes people to have fun while they learn  

There may come a time when I'm so rich and famous that I won't answer my own phone or emails.

No danger of that any time soon.

awmshumate (at) gmail (dot) com

Cell 902-326-5019  

Indtity for faculty sharing organization
Analog in a Digital World - acrylic illustration
Hnad painted antique typography
High Tech Help - Illutrator and Photoshop
Identity for Visual Entity
International Currency - Illustrator and Photoshop
Xpansion Software Identity
Moneyball - Illustrator and Photoshop